Sunday, May 07, 2006

Live From Lima

Larry The Lizard mingles with locals along the Amazon RiverBuenus dias! Checking in from downtown Lima Peru to let the world know that despite aborted airplane landings, pirahnnas, millions of bugs, a visit to a shaman, a wild boa, pounding rain, and lots of local drinks -- we´ve survived a week in the Amazon. And never has an a region of the globe taken so strongly to Larry The Lizard, all the guides, staff, and children on the Amazon loved Larry. Everyone except the monkeys, who live in absolute horror of lovable Larry. We only had to share the jungle lodges with one other couple, Kevin & Lynn, who live 30 minutes from us up in New Hampshire but we had to travel to the Amazon jungle to meet them.
Today we catch a flight (maybe?) to Cuzco and spend 4 days in high altitude near Macchu Pichu.
Adios amigos -- AF & Lori