Wednesday, March 03, 2004


Well KISS is doing it again. They are going on tour this summer - but don't fall for it. Last year they toured with someone dressing up as original guitarist Ace Frehley. This summer they've topped that by adding someone pretending to be original drummer Peter Criss. Don't waste your money of this over priced cover band. Paul and Gene, stop the charade!

Metallica Starts Tour

METALLICA kicked off their "Madly In Anger with the World Tour" last night in Arizona. Opening for this leg of the tour are Boston's own GODSMACK. As of yet there are no dates scheduled for New England. Since its been too long since I've seen them last and I'm not willing to wait and see when they'll finally get out here - I'm headed out west to San Francisco to see them Monday March 8th. More..

They have also just launched a new web site where you can download the audio from each night of the tour.