Friday, January 30, 2004

New Envoy XUV

Well this year is certainly starting off quite sick. In my ongoing pursuit of all X vehicles, I've sold my Xterra and just picked up my 2004 GMC Envoy XUV and tomorrow we leave for Super Bowl XXXVIII!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2004

Back From California

The morning after the AFC Championship I had to fly to San Jose, CA for work. I didn't have my voice back until Wednesday and it was Hell being out there because nobody has a clue about the Patriots. Thursday I was wearing my Tedy Bruschi jersey and NOBODY knew who Bruschi even was!! At least my rental car wasn't the usually Hyundai or Geo I always get - this time I got a Ford Mustang with Sirius satellite music - so I just cranked up the Hair Nation channel and drove around playing Vice City every night. Now I'm back home amongst true sports fans and 8° temperatures. Oh yeah... we are doing the one day fly in/fly out package for the Super Bowl.

Monday, January 19, 2004

AFC Champions Again

Your New England Patriots are AFC Champions once again! Next stop - Houston Texas for Super Bowl XXXVIII. Patriots Win!!!Amazing what a difference 30 degrees can make. Compared to last weekend, today's game in the snow seemed down right warm. Things seemed promising with snow in the forecast. Things seemed great when the Patriots scored on their opening drive. Things seemed pretty awesome when the Colt's first play was an offsides penalty because we made so much noise. Things were going totally sick and stayed that way when the Colts' first drive ended in an interception by Rodney Harrison. Oh yeah - and Ty Law had three interceptions before the day was over. And know what happens to a team who makes a big stink about how they haven't even punted in the playoffs? When it comes time to punt - they totally screw it up and the Patriots get a safety.
Final score Patriots 24, Colts 14. Check out the photos.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Ice Bowl

Well after all the hype the Patriots game wasn't even all that cold. Of course I was wearing more clothes than I ever had before in my life, including a brand new down parka I bought just hours before the game. The game was a great tough battle and the Titans gave it all they had - which of course wasn't enough. The crowd was the most boisterous yet at Gillette and made a ton of noise for some true home field advantage. Even the usually lame club seat folks around us stayed outside for the whole game (Tom Brady even commented on noticing that in his post game press conference). We even had a couple shirtless psychos in our sections. We got to the stadium just after 4pm, and immediately went inside to the clubhouse for some indoor tailgating. Just before kick off there was a surprise mini-concert from BOSTON - they did the National Anthem and Rock & Roll Band.

And just to prove that everything is going our way and we are destined for another Super Bowl appearance. At midnight while about to leave Gillette Stadium I realize my car keys are missing. While I go back outside to our seats just one notch below panic, Lori heads back to where we hung out in the Club before the game and there are my keys just sitting on a table. I'll have to buy a lucky key chain in Houston. Check out photos and mayhem. This was the toughest game the Patriots will have in this playoff run - we always beat the Colts, who we will face next Sunday in the AFC Championship game. WooooHoooo!

Friday, January 09, 2004

NFL Playoff Time

Patriots - TitansAre you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!!!!?????

The Tennessee Titans have no idea what they are in store for - and I'm not just referring to predictions of temperatures at kickoff being a between 0 and 5° and a low of -13° with the wind chill by the end of their loss. Pats are destined for a Super Bowl return - and we will be going with them.