Thursday, May 20, 2010

Farewell to LOST

Update: I did indeed love the finale, more so each time I've watched it.

LOST's six seasons end for good this Sunday. I'm intentionally writing this before the finale because unlike so many other fans, I'm not hung up on how it ends.  There is no ending that will make me feel like I've wasted years of my life as many fans seem to be dreading.  I don't have a list of questions that must be answered, or a theory about the Island that must be proved right.  I'm certainly glad it is ending as opposed to drifting on for a couple more seasons and being canceled without any resolution.  Even an ending like The Sopranos got, which infuriated me at first, is better than fading away into obscurity.

I've come to realize that I like the journey more than the end. I've loved the time in between episodes. Even the months in between seasons. There's never been a television show like this that I would ponder, contemplate and look forward to this much.  I'm so glad I've been a fan since day one as opposed to cramming a lot of episodes down my throat on DVD. The waiting may be the hardest part, but it is so fascinatingly rewarding. I'm shocked that when I look back, I've so enjoyed the longing for answers, for one more minute or two of each episode, the excitement for another week to pass - all for a TV show.  More gifts from the waiting; Doc Jensen's recaps, theories, insanity and Totally Lost at, and so many more time wasting beauties courtesy of the Internet.

Back in the summer of 2004, I read great things about the Lost pilot.  When it aired September 22, 2004, I was blown away from the first moments of the crash of Oceanic 815. This was no regular TV show. At the half way point when Charlie asks, "Guys, where are we?" I was hooked for the run of the series.

With the disintegrating of the broadcast networks and true mass media, I don't think we'll ever see a show like this again.  A serialized drama with such a rabid fan base. A show that touches on drama, comedy, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, spirituality and even quantum physics. Sometimes I'm amazed anyone watches.  Lost is much bigger than any "cult" show, and it has been everywhere in these final months.

The only show that came close to this in terms of talking, discussing and sharing with others was Twin Peaks, but that was before the web was so pervasive and that show was only good for one season.

I'm thrilled the producers and writers can have the show go out on their terms. I've had a blast with it in their hands so far and can live with any ending they choose.  This will be Lost Weekend, as Lori and I watch the 3 most recent episodes again on Friday, watch ABC's re-airing of the two hour pilot on Saturday, and finally the finale on Sunday night including over five hours of LOST. WooHooo!! 

On Monday morning I'll place my pre-order for the entire series Lost: The Complete Collection [Blu-ray] and watch it all over again from the beginning with the new insight of the ending. Plus, the recently confirmed additional 20 minutes of story line. Until then, I and my TV will be a little sad.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Free Intuition Class with David Morelli

I've been a David Morelli fan for over a year now. He and his wife Kristin host the Everything is Energy radio show, which you can find on iTunes if you aren't familiar with it yet. Lori and I both took part in their 40 Days and 40 Nights program of daily live meditations last year and their Prosperity Tribe program this year.  Now David is offering a FREE three-part course on developing your own intuition. It starts tomorrow night and even if you can't make it live it is worth signing up for because you'll be able to access replays. Plus, since it's free you've got nothing to lose, but potentially lots to gain.
FREE 3-Week Intuition Course CLICK HERE

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Concerts for 2010

Only a couple weeks ago it didn't look like the summer of 2010 would include any shows, but I'm happy to report that has turned around fast.
So far...

Hole with Foxy Shazam, June 23, House of Blues, Boston

Lady Gaga with Semi Precious Weapons, July 2, Garden, Boston
Rush, July 19, Mohegan Sun, CT
The Stompers and The Fools, July 30, Boston

KISS with The Envy and The Academy Is, Aug 7, Mansfield, MA
Aerosmith and J. Geils Band, Aug 14, Fenway Park
KISS, Aug 19, Mohegan Sun, CT
Apocalyptica, Aug 26, Royale, Boston

Roger Waters: The Wall, Sept 30, Garden, Boston

Monday, May 03, 2010

In The Flow

It's been a full week since Movers & Shakers, and the energy is still flying high.  Last Monday night I attended a local survivors of suicide support group for the first time in months. So glad I went, and I'm going to keep it up.  My willingness to share and take on any questions seems to genuinley help people.  Plus, I shared my memoir plans with the group and got lots of support and encouragement.  After many months of on again/off again writing, last weekend made me commit to doing it once and for all.  After the meeting, someone told me that my openness in sharing my experiences with suicide has resulted in their obsession with the "why?" going away.  That was fantastic to hear.  I've also signed up for a Suicide Prevention and Intervention training class next month.

On Wednesday, I did a full day of Disaster Training with the American Red Cross.  I learned a lot about how volunteering works and it is way more intense and involved than I ever imagined.  They just don't accept warm bodies, but you can do a lot of good and be deployed all over the world. Cool stuff.

Friday brought my first casting call of 2010.  I've been in the Screen Actors Guild since June 08, but due to all my traveling last year I didn't have time for any acting in 2009.  That won't be the case this year.

Finally, on Saturday I booked the services of a best-selling author and book proposal expert to help me with my proposal.  So now I've got a deadline set for next month and have no more excuses - at least none that I'll accept.

Plus, Larry The Lizard now has a fan page on Facebook. Check him out.