Monday, May 03, 2010

In The Flow

It's been a full week since Movers & Shakers, and the energy is still flying high.  Last Monday night I attended a local survivors of suicide support group for the first time in months. So glad I went, and I'm going to keep it up.  My willingness to share and take on any questions seems to genuinley help people.  Plus, I shared my memoir plans with the group and got lots of support and encouragement.  After many months of on again/off again writing, last weekend made me commit to doing it once and for all.  After the meeting, someone told me that my openness in sharing my experiences with suicide has resulted in their obsession with the "why?" going away.  That was fantastic to hear.  I've also signed up for a Suicide Prevention and Intervention training class next month.

On Wednesday, I did a full day of Disaster Training with the American Red Cross.  I learned a lot about how volunteering works and it is way more intense and involved than I ever imagined.  They just don't accept warm bodies, but you can do a lot of good and be deployed all over the world. Cool stuff.

Friday brought my first casting call of 2010.  I've been in the Screen Actors Guild since June 08, but due to all my traveling last year I didn't have time for any acting in 2009.  That won't be the case this year.

Finally, on Saturday I booked the services of a best-selling author and book proposal expert to help me with my proposal.  So now I've got a deadline set for next month and have no more excuses - at least none that I'll accept.

Plus, Larry The Lizard now has a fan page on Facebook. Check him out.

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Julie Lost and Found said...

You go!!!! How awesome to read all the great things happening.

I'm so glad Movers and Shakers had such a profound impact on you.

I know I'm still flying high from it and have forever been changed. I want to go to another one!! Thinking of Toronto actually.

Just became a Larry the Lizard fan on facebook. :-)