Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Your Arrest Brought To You By...

My town of Littleton Ma has been in the news this week for selling ad space on local police cars. I think its an awesome idea, cover the cars with sponsors just like NASCAR. Then move on to the fire trucks, garbage trucks, school buses, the mayor's car -- if anyone is willing to put up some cash, go for it. Actually they are just putting one small logo over the rear fender, and it will probably only be donut shops. Now if someone can figure out a way to sponsor criminals, that would be cool.

Monday, May 23, 2005

I Love TV

I can't remember a previous year with so many hyped-up season finales of shows I actually like. This year has been "the golden age of television" -- at least for crap I enjoy watching. Loved seeing 'Boston Rob' and Amber on The Amazing Race. Survivor had a great season with their strongest female ever, Stephanie and all American fireman Tom taking the big prize. They are headed to Tikal, Guatemala next, a spot Lori and I already survived so that should be sick. Tikal even popped up in the Alias (which I finally got into this year) finale - though this time it was a bad Hollywood back lot version of it. While Raymond and Desperate Housewives has gotten all the hype and acclaim this year, 24 has quietly had its best season. Each year I'm amazed they are able to top the previous season and it looks like the finale this year is going to really shake-up who might be around for next year. Always thought if this show really had balls they would kill Jack Bauer. Will find out soon enough. Quentin Tarantino made a rare television directing appearance and kicked the finale of CSI in the ass. Meanwhile in cable land the writing and acting of all those cock suckers on Deadwood gives HBO their best series since The Sopranos. And on Project Greenlight it looks like they finally might have made a movie, Feast, worth seeing. But what I think is the best show on TV right now, the show I look forward to each week and will miss all summer long is Lost. Looking forward to the two hour finale of that more than Revenge of The Sith. At least I'll have some free time back now that everything will kick into nothing but reruns.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Infected aka Zombie Town

I survived my weekend of being a zombie. Was part of a feature film being shot in Vermont now titled "The Infected" (update: name has been changed back to Zombie Town). Had two all night shoots that made me feel even more like a zombie. I was so out of it I ended up in New York before realizing I was going in the wrong direction trying to get home from Rutland VT. D'oh! Check out some photos.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Zombie Time

Headed to Edgewood Studios in Vermont this weekend to be a zombie extra for a low budget horror feature film called Zombie Town. This will be my follow-up to my coveted debut as "Head Thug" last summer in Chaos Unlimited (which is still in post-production). It has long been my dream to be a zombie. My parents have never been prouder.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Fan Films

Did make it back to the MassBay Film Festival to see a block of Star Wars fan created shorts. Some funny spoofs, a few serious shorts and one remake. The remake is credited with being the first fan film and was made here in Worcester Ma. It is a 20 minute silent home movie made in late 70's I think. They recreated everything, mostly using cardboard costumes and sets and a little claymation. Hilarious. The dub we saw had a problem so we didn't get the see the whole thing.
Others were technically quite amazing -- but shitty stories. Which made many of them better than Episode 1. Whish I had brought Larry and a camera -- a few storm troopers showed up from the 501st. Would be sick to have galactic Larry shot.
You can check out some fan films here:
RYAN VS. "DORKMAN" Cool lightsaber battle
PINK FIVE Pretty funny
SILENT BUT DEADLY These guys have a whole series
REVELATIONS The is a 45 minute epic.