Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Fan Films

Did make it back to the MassBay Film Festival to see a block of Star Wars fan created shorts. Some funny spoofs, a few serious shorts and one remake. The remake is credited with being the first fan film and was made here in Worcester Ma. It is a 20 minute silent home movie made in late 70's I think. They recreated everything, mostly using cardboard costumes and sets and a little claymation. Hilarious. The dub we saw had a problem so we didn't get the see the whole thing.
Others were technically quite amazing -- but shitty stories. Which made many of them better than Episode 1. Whish I had brought Larry and a camera -- a few storm troopers showed up from the 501st. Would be sick to have galactic Larry shot.
You can check out some fan films here:
RYAN VS. "DORKMAN" Cool lightsaber battle
PINK FIVE Pretty funny
SILENT BUT DEADLY These guys have a whole series
REVELATIONS The is a 45 minute epic.

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