Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Embedded in Energy

Wow, long time no blog. I've been pretty busy the last couple months and I haven't bothered sharing it all here, so time to play catch-up. As September ended, Lori and I began a 40 day program of live meditations and coaching calls with David Morelli, called the Immersion Solution, which took us right through October.

The Immersion Solution transitioned into a year long coaching training program I'm part of with David, called Enwaken, which kicked off with a live event in Boulder, Colorado the first weekend of November. That event was truly life altering. Beyond meeting so many people in person I've known on-line, some for over a year, was the experiences David opened us to. The program is about learning to see and read energy, something I was itching to learn since I was first introduced to David early in 2009. Well, as is the case with many new things I try, on the morning of the second day of the event I hit my personal wall of fear and doubt. I thought, "this is pointless. I'm not getting it. Time to go home." About ten minutes after I wrote those thoughts down in my notebook, David asked me to step on stage to demonstrate where the chakras are located. One thing leads to another, and I'm on stage for over an hour having my aura read for all in attendance. As if that wasn't enough to blow my mind, by that afternoon all of the attendees were reading each other's auras and energy like we'd been doing it for years as opposed to minutes. I was very glad I stuck around. Now the program is in full gear with multiple two-hour calls a week plus as many practice sessions as I dare do. The insight, validation, discoveries and removal of blocks and limitations that this energy work makes possible is simply amazing. If all this "energy" talk makes you think I'm a nut, that's cool. It wasn't long ago that I would've thought the same thing. Whenever you decide you're open to it, you'll learn more about it. Or not. It's all good.

The last two months were also full of working on my book proposal and videos in support of suicide prevention at, major changes for Larry The Lizard, more speeches with Toastmasters, a fantastic season for the New England Patriots, holidays, weddings, plus a day job that insists on some of my time (the nerve!).

And now I find myself in December. Man, this year seems to have gone by the quickest of any year in my life. This Friday, Lori and I are headed up to Vermont for a weekend of... no, not skiing. We'll be taking part in a Holotropic Breathwork workshop. This will be my third time and Lori's first. To say the least, it should be interesting.