Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Red Sox vs. Lost

The two hour season finale for "LOST" is tonight. Sweet! Can't wait. But we're gonna miss it. For the only thing I'd even consider missing it for - we've got tickets for the Red Sox vs Yankees tonight at Fenway. So I will have to shun all media, people, phone calls and email until I've gotten my chance to watch the finale around midnight tonight. The "American Idol" finale is tonight too, but I don't give a shit about that since my bald rocker Chris got the boot. I think the winner of that show loses in real life due to the recording contract they end up in. Contestants who just make it close to the end seem to end up with better careers.

"24" wrapped up a great season Monday night with possibly the best ending ever. Jack Bauer captured by the Chinese who were after him from the previous season, the very reason he had to fake his own death and disappear. Very cool. The next season's "worst day ever" could start just minutes after this season ends. Did you catch the "24" intro for "Family Guy" Sunday night? That was classic.

The soon to be blockbuster motion picture comedy, "Illegal Aliens", is wrapping up post-production and headed for a September release. I've been assured that Larry The Lizard's cameo has not ended up on the cutting room floor, but I forgot to inquire whether my fine thespian skills have been cast aside yet.

While I was off in Peru stories began surfacing about Anna Nicole Smith being pregnant. I just want to go on the record right now and let you all know that neither Larry nor I had anything to do with that.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Slowly Recovering

Hard to believe, but the sun actually came out late yesterday afternoon here in Massachusetts. We hadn't seen it since getting home from Peru and I'm told it had been raining since last Monday. The rain has stopped, but last night our water damage expanded rapidly. Nothing major, the only obvious loss is a lot of wall-to-wall carpeting, but the water is still seeping in. Seeing life along the Amazon, where the river can rise and fall up to 45 feet each year, was perfect timing before this New England flooding. Reminds me how fortunate we are to only have to deal with soggy carpeting.

I'm finally caught up with 24, Lost, Amazing Race, and Survivor. I've almost made it through my 1,000+ emails and still have a pile of unread mail. Can't believe how many people still use snail mail.

Larry The Lizard's Peruvian Adventure is now posted and more will be added on this site later this week. Somehow Larry always gets his pictures posted before I manage to. If you are just starved for entertainment, I've uploaded all 1,133 pictures to Shutterfly. Shared albums can't hold more than 250 pictures - so there are a few albums you can visit:
Amazon #1 (250 Pictures)
Amazon #2 (250 Pictures)
Amazon #3 (133 Pictures)
Machu Picchu (250 pictures)
Cusco (239 Pictures)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Back From Peru

Machu PicchuA dozen boat rides, nine flights, eight hotels, five bus rides, and two train trips later - we're back home after two weeks in Peru. Our time spent high up in the Andes after the Amazon was sick. Real sick. Like altitude sickness kind of sick.

The first night and morning was gross. After landing in Cuzco, Peru (11,300 feet above sea level - twice that of Denver Colorado), it took a few hours for the headaches to start. They got progressively worse until it was a 24 hour migraine with nausea, loopiness and shortness of breath. It felt like the worst hangover ever and we were worried this was how we'd feel for the rest of our trip. We decided not to pursue a white water trip we had been considering - good choice because the river looked lame as hell in the parts they let tourists raft. It all subsided on the early morning train ride to Machu Picchu, which is 2,000 feet lower than Cuzco. That was enough to let us acclimate to the altitude and we felt fine for the rest of the trip. We just had to get used to the shortness of breath and Lori being loopier than normal.

We had two days at Machu Picchu, the first day was bright and sunny and the second was cool and misty. It was great to experience it under both conditions and being able to hang out without the masses of tourists who take the train/bus trip just for the day. We did three different hikes around the site then returned to Cuzco for a couple days on our own.

Fine DiningCuzco is a really cool city, all the buildings are built on 500 year old Inca foundations. The combination of Inca, Spanish and modern architecture is pretty wild and the area is full of tourists from all around the world, with American definitely in the minority. We did find the best Pisco Sours and I even got to dine on a fine roasted guinea pig. Mmm... that guy was cute and delicious.

Many more details and photos will be posted eventually. Peru has a ton more things to do and is definitely on our travel list for a return trip someday.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Live From Lima

Larry The Lizard mingles with locals along the Amazon RiverBuenus dias! Checking in from downtown Lima Peru to let the world know that despite aborted airplane landings, pirahnnas, millions of bugs, a visit to a shaman, a wild boa, pounding rain, and lots of local drinks -- we´ve survived a week in the Amazon. And never has an a region of the globe taken so strongly to Larry The Lizard, all the guides, staff, and children on the Amazon loved Larry. Everyone except the monkeys, who live in absolute horror of lovable Larry. We only had to share the jungle lodges with one other couple, Kevin & Lynn, who live 30 minutes from us up in New Hampshire but we had to travel to the Amazon jungle to meet them.
Today we catch a flight (maybe?) to Cuzco and spend 4 days in high altitude near Macchu Pichu.
Adios amigos -- AF & Lori