Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Red Sox vs. Lost

The two hour season finale for "LOST" is tonight. Sweet! Can't wait. But we're gonna miss it. For the only thing I'd even consider missing it for - we've got tickets for the Red Sox vs Yankees tonight at Fenway. So I will have to shun all media, people, phone calls and email until I've gotten my chance to watch the finale around midnight tonight. The "American Idol" finale is tonight too, but I don't give a shit about that since my bald rocker Chris got the boot. I think the winner of that show loses in real life due to the recording contract they end up in. Contestants who just make it close to the end seem to end up with better careers.

"24" wrapped up a great season Monday night with possibly the best ending ever. Jack Bauer captured by the Chinese who were after him from the previous season, the very reason he had to fake his own death and disappear. Very cool. The next season's "worst day ever" could start just minutes after this season ends. Did you catch the "24" intro for "Family Guy" Sunday night? That was classic.

The soon to be blockbuster motion picture comedy, "Illegal Aliens", is wrapping up post-production and headed for a September release. I've been assured that Larry The Lizard's cameo has not ended up on the cutting room floor, but I forgot to inquire whether my fine thespian skills have been cast aside yet.

While I was off in Peru stories began surfacing about Anna Nicole Smith being pregnant. I just want to go on the record right now and let you all know that neither Larry nor I had anything to do with that.

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