Friday, January 29, 2010

Rock of Ages

Headed down to New Jersey today to meet up with some friends and go into NYC on Saturday for "Rock of Ages" - a Broadway musical based on 80's hair-band metal - which is pretty much the soundtrack to my personal heaven. It was this very weekend a year ago that we saw Metallica in Newark, so we've got some sort of metal/new jersey vibe going on.
So far 2010 has been phenomenal, today is day 29 in the 40 day Oneness Experiment and it has been very cool to say the least. I signed up on a bit of a lark just to check out something new, but the daily exercises/meditations, especially this last week's on shadow work, have been quite powerful.
Today is also day 15 of the 50 Day Philosophers Notes Challenge. The Philosophers Notes are one of the best things I've ever come across, and are an amazing value. Reading and listening to the notes at the same time as hundreds of others and sharing our comments on them has been astounding. I'm shocked how much wisdom and insight I've been getting from just the notes as opposed to the full books. That doesn't mean I haven't got a long list of books I want to read in their entirety though. It is too late to officially sign up for the challenge, but if you have any interest in philosophy, personal growth, money... it is worth checking them out. (This isn't a paid endorsement - I just think they rule.)