Monday, January 19, 2004

AFC Champions Again

Your New England Patriots are AFC Champions once again! Next stop - Houston Texas for Super Bowl XXXVIII. Patriots Win!!!Amazing what a difference 30 degrees can make. Compared to last weekend, today's game in the snow seemed down right warm. Things seemed promising with snow in the forecast. Things seemed great when the Patriots scored on their opening drive. Things seemed pretty awesome when the Colt's first play was an offsides penalty because we made so much noise. Things were going totally sick and stayed that way when the Colts' first drive ended in an interception by Rodney Harrison. Oh yeah - and Ty Law had three interceptions before the day was over. And know what happens to a team who makes a big stink about how they haven't even punted in the playoffs? When it comes time to punt - they totally screw it up and the Patriots get a safety.
Final score Patriots 24, Colts 14. Check out the photos.

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