Wednesday, April 05, 2006

NFL Update

Well, I finally called the NFL corporate office today to see what sort of fight they were looking to pick with me. Spoke with their Assistant Counsel who told me they were concerned with some of the links on my website. She said, while they are supportive of fan sites, they were concerned with sites that had commercial links. I don't think there are any websites without some affiliate banners, google ads etc on them these days. She just kept saying they were "concerned" and asked me to remove the ad links from this particular page.

I told her I was not inclined to do so, and that quickly ended the call. I could have easily deleted the links and been done with it, but their request really rubs me the wrong way. I'm not about to give up my freedom of speech because it concerns the NFL. Hell, I've already got an ongoing dispute with the Patriots, mine as well take on the whole league. Maybe they'll punish me by taking away the Gillette Stadium Club Seats that the Patriots scammed me into.

Just adds to an exciting upcoming season. By the way, the 2006 NFL regular season schedule gets announced tomorrow.

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