Sunday, May 16, 2004

Gay Marriage

Lori and I attended a Unitarian Church service today that celebrated the fact that beginning Monday May 17 - gays will be able to marry in Massachusetts. About twenty lesbian couples stood up and told the congregation how long they had been together. It was quite amazing. These woman were not stereotypical lesbians. Many were much older than I ever would have expected. They looked like sweet old grandmothers - in fact they were, but they also had lesbian partners for twenty plus years. In a world with so much hatred, why would we ever dare to outlaw love between two adults.

I must admit that I've had a problem with gay marriage based solely on semantics. Months ago I looked up marriage in the dictionary and it said "the legal union between a man and woman as husband and wife." Now I am ready for that definition to be updated. When so many heterosexual marriages end in divorce -- why not let homosexuals be able to legally marry. Are we afraid that they will do it better?

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