Friday, August 26, 2005

Kickin' Off A Busy Week

This summer is coming to an end with a flurry of activity. I finally received a DVD of the independent film I took part in last summer CHAOS UNLIMITED. This marked my professional acting debut as "Head Thug" as well as portraying dozens of anonymous masked gunmen, I also ended up with Assistant Director credit. Guess I was a nosy thug. You can't buy it anywhere - and I doubt you would want to.
Tonight Lori and I saw RED EYE - a very good suspense thriller. I was most interested in seeing this because it was written by a first-time screenwriter and it sold for $500,000 within hours of being sent out to studios.
I'm currently in development with some screenwriting projects in the UK and on both coasts of the US. Nothing big to brag about yet, but things are moving along.
Tomorrow night I'm off to see System of a Down and there will not be any blowoff possibilities like at the Crue last week. I've been looking forward to this show for months.
Then next Thursday it's the final preseason game for the World Champion Patriots at Gillette Stadium, Friday we are off the Fenway Park to see The World Champion Red Sox take on the Baltimore Orioles and their steroid star Palmero. Finally Saturday we return to Gillette Stadium to see Green Day -- psyched to see them, but not a fan of the giant stadium shows usually.
And after surviving all that, the NFL season opener is just around the corner on Thursday Sept 8, when the Pats will hoist yet another Super Bowl banner.

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