Sunday, February 26, 2006

Assorted Cool Stuff

A Few odds and ends from the last week. Found this great Comic Book Creator software that lets you easily create comics (or graphic novels if you want to sound important) with your own photos, screen grabs and clip art. It has a free trial version, then is under $20 for full version. This means the long awaited Larry The Lizard comics will soon be a reality. Speaking of Larry, don't miss his latest adventure; China!

Best new band name in quit some time -- Morningwood, led by a cute chick no less Check out the video for Nth Degree. It is pretty cool, puts the band into lots of classic album covers.

Fun with movie previews: Suspense thriller version of Sleepless in Seattle. New feel-good version of The Shining. There are lots of Brokeback Mountain spoofs out, like Brokeback To The Future and my fave Star Wars: The Empire Brokeback.
Four Word Film Review The name says it all.
And this loser was featured in the Boston Globe recently, didn't do much for me but maybe you'll be a fan.

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