Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Poor Homer

Poor HomeyOur beloved dog Homer looks like someone punched him in the face. He's got a big shiner under his right eye. It just showed up today, can't tell if it's some sort of bite, allergic reaction or if he picked a fight with a coyote or fisher cat (saw one of those for first time in my life in my own back yard this week, freaky looking).

Was rereading Stephen King's "On Writing" this week in preparation for an online fiction writing class. The book is sort of a personal class in writing direct from Stevie. Anyway, it got me and Lori talking about our favorite Stephen King short stories and we both said the one where a guy is attacked in his apartment by a group of little green army men.

Low and behold, tonight on TNT as part of Nightmares and Dreamscapes miniseries - "Battleground", that very story brought to life. It was very cool and the only hour in television that I know of completely void of dialogue. But really, what is there to say when your at war with a bunch of green plastic army guys?

Oh, and things are getting exciting in "Illegal Aliens" land. The modern film masterpiece is still scheduled to be unleashed this fall and a teaser may soon be hitting the air waves. I've started a page recapping all my previous posts regarding "Illegal Aliens" production, I'll be adding more news as it is available.


Anonymous said...

You might want to get him to a vet. It might be a bruise, but it could also be an eye infection or cyst (both pop up mad quick).

Anonymous said...

I hope your dog gets better soon... Great news on Illegal Aliens too. I am sure everyone is great in it... On a side note I hear Chyna is involved in another film project called Cougar Club and has her own show called Fame Game coming to VH1 this fall so that should also bring promotion to illegal aliens too.

Congrats to you all.

AF Grant said...

Homer is fine. We called the vet and gave him a couple Benadryls, his swollen eye was gone by the next day.

Re: Chyna, last time I saw her she was just heading off to shoot the Fame Game in Las Vegas. That will be airing this Fall on VH1. Don't know about Cougar Club, but am not surprised. She was great to work with on Illegal Aliens and she should get more acting opportunities once it is seen.

Anonymous said...

Good I am glad to hear your dog is better.

Your blogger is great!

Anonymous said...

That's good it wasn't anything gross. Eyes are such awful things to have problems with.