Saturday, August 26, 2006

Homer Wins!

The Winning ShotWe learned today that Homer is a winner in the Boston Globe Pet Photo Contest! Woohoo! Now that I'm an award winning photographer I can quit my job and travel the country with Homer; taking photos, selling books and prints, meeting fans... it's gonna be sweet!

Oh, what? This just means Homer's photo is going to be in the Sunday Globe tomorrow as part of a glossy book cover insert? Well, that's cool... but... damn; guess I still have to go to work Monday. At least Homer doesn't.

Homer's had quite a weekend already. Lori was letting him outside into the backyard yesterday afternoon and he bolted right out the door after something. All of sudden Lori spots two deer in the yard too. A fawn and a doe with Homer chasing them, suddenly the doe stops and turns on Homer, chasing him away in his own yard. The only portion I caught was when the doe gave up on Homer and turned to run off into the woods with her fawn. I look out in the yard and see the deer running to the left, while Homer is stilling fleeing for his life to the right. All the while he didn't even let out a bark. Such a brave boy.

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