Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bad News for Samantha

Larry and SamanthaYesterday we learned that our cat Samantha has cancer. Next week she'll be having surgery to remove the growth, or they'll discover it has already metastasized all over her and won't bother with surgery. We've had her for six years after rescuing her from a shelter when she was four. I'm pulling for a Christmas miracle that Sammy comes through just fine since cat surgery is sucking my Christmas funds dry. A hopefully live and well Samantha could be Lori's only gift. It already is a bit of a Christmas miracle that I even went along with cat surgery, but when the wife comes home crying from a veterinarian visit it isn't the best time for a "let nature takes its course" speech. At least Samantha has Larry The Lizard to console her.

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AF Grant said...

Samantha's surgery went down Monday December 18th and was successful. There was no sign of metastasis, in fact they no longer think it was even cancer. Now it seems it was just some sort of cyst. She's home, trying to rest and recover despite the ever present and curious Homer.