Monday, May 21, 2007

Hurray Up Wednesday!

Man, this feels like the slowest moving week ever! I'm dying to get to Wednesday for the season finale of LOST. This season - the third for the show - has come on huge over the last few months after a rather tepid start. I've been running to Lost sites and blogs more than ever before, anyone who gave up on the show due to a lack of answers has been missing out. Lost is just the best show on TV, the layers to the writing and performances seem never ending. It is the only show I'm talking about days, even weeks, after each episode airs. For the last couple months I no longer look forward to weekends, I only look forward to Wednesdays. Though I am thrilled that the series itself will have an ending. In an unprecedented move, ABC has made a deal with the producers to end the show in 2010, after six seasons. This lets the producers tell the full story, without filler episodes and trying to stretch too little story over too many years (hello Star Wars prequels) for the sake of ratings and money. That is the sort of fate that killed once great programs like The X-Files and Twin Peaks.

24 wraps up tonight and The Sopranos has only two more episodes, but neither inspires the curiosity, interest and fervor in me that Lost does. This season of 24 has just felt like a jumble of repeats from previous years, the only real surprises happened in the first couple hours. But I have to give the show credit; for five season it kept topping itself. It is only here in season 6 that it has felt flat. Which is rather amazing because I didn't think it could even live up to it's first season again. So unless Jack Bauer dies tonight (for real) I don't think anything can save the season for me.

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