Thursday, August 16, 2007


We got back home from Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey Tuesday night, then had tickets for the Red Sox - Devil Rays game at Fenway, Wednesday afternoon. We were psyched to finally get a chance to see Daisuke Matsuzaka pitch live - but he just didn't have it going on yesterday. He left the game after six innings with Tampa Bay up 6 - 0. But then the bats started to come alive and made it interesting. We were down 6 - 5 in the ninth inning, two men on base, and Manny Ramirez up at the plate. The exact scenario any Sox fan dreams of for a walk-off game winning home run. But alas, Manny struck out and the Fenway faithful went home on a bit of a downer. Only a bit of a downer because the Yankees lost too. Everyone in New England cheers for two baseball teams - the Red Sox and whoever beats the Yankees.

Next up - Friday night the preseason home opener for the New England Patriots. They will be taking on the Tennessee Titans, who according to newspaper reports, are still a little pissy about the regular season finale from last year when we beat them. It was a game full of cheap shots that ended Rodney Harrison's season and pissed off a lot of the Patriots. So this could be a very interesting meaningless game - and since this is already the most hyped-up, high-expectation Patriots' season ever, it is only getting started.

Six Flags was an awesome time. You can do the whole place in a day but I'm glad we took our time with multiple days. We got to ride the big three; El Toro, Nitro and Kingda Ka, repeatedly each day from the front, back, everywhere to get the maximum thrills. If you are into roller coasters - check out the many clips on youtube of these rides in action.
El Toro - totally sick wooden coaster
Nitro - fantastic long and smooth steel coaster
and the giagantic Kingda Ka
We were hoping this would happen to us, but we never saw a rollback while we were there.

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