Friday, October 19, 2007


We were awoken this morning around 1:30am by a loud bang that shook the house - turns out it was a 2.5 magnitude earthquake centered just a few blocks away at the center of Littleton Mass. This is about the fourth quake I can remember feeling here in New England, but this was the first time it was just a loud, single bang. Growing up in Leominster I recall a few that were a couple seconds of rumbling and shaking. Lori wanted to get up explore the house to see if anything was wrong, but I opted to just go back to sleep figuring it was a gun shot from early morning hunters or a late night celebration for the Red Sox win in Cleveland in the American League Championship Series. It was only upong seeing the news this morning that we realized it was actually an earthquake. Been hearing for many years about how overdue New England is for a major shake, but I'm happy with just the occasional 2.5.

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