Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

We are jetting off to London England for a long Valentines weekend this year and running off on another trip made me realize I had never added photos of our last adventure. So finally, here are some photos from our most excellent trip to Chile in December. We rafted one of the world's top rated white water rivers - The Futaleufu and then ran off to Easter Island to party with the giant heads.

This past Sunday I got Lori an early Valentines Day gift - a new HD LCD television. Yes, I'm fortunate enough to have a wife who prefers hi-def to flowers and chocolate. What neither of us enjoys are trips to the emergency room which is what we got when our existing 35" TV crushed three of Lori's fingers when we were moving it to the floor. She panicked and yanked her fingers out which just ripped two of them open causing quite a bit of blood. We thought one might be broken, as did the triage nurse, but x-rays proved us wrong though she did need three stitches. So if anyone out there is looking for a used, blood-stained TV - I might be able to help you out.

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Unknown said...

I did the same thing with a TV when I was younger. Of course, it was my brother's fault, but we know Richie is an idiot. I received three stitches as well.

TV IS bad for you.