Thursday, June 26, 2008

Officially a Basic Actor

Acting ClassMy Basics of Acting Class finished last night. I can't believe how quickly the 6 weeks went by and I really ended up enjoying the whole thing. I forced myself do all the homework and then perform in each week's class to get the most out of it and not just end up watching the other actors - which is a lot of fun. I'm not planning to take any other classes right away, but will down the road. If you are looking for some acting classes in Boston - Susan Shaw and CP Casting get my personal seal of approval. Between the class and working on The Surrogates, I'm really itching to dust off PlasticVille Productions and get a short going this Fall.

Tomorrow we head out to East Berlin, PA for a weekend on Lake Mead. It will sort of be a Leominster reunion with Plastic People coming from CA (via DC), MA and PA for lots of drinking, eating, boating, swimming, and blowing things up. Next Tuesday is my birthday and since we are going away this weekend I opened up my gifts from Lori tonight. They've just been sitting here mocking me for last few days anyway. I finally got myself a Wii and Guitar Hero!! WooHoo!! Now I don't want to go away for the weekend though. D'oh!

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