Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Casting Calls

Despite the unresolved contract situation with SAG, film productions are starting to gear up again. Lori and I both attended an open casting call in Providence RI today for Showtime's TV series "Brotherhood" and a feature film about Buddy Cianci, "The Prince of Providence" with Robin Williams, Ed Burns, Oliver Platt and many more. Also "Edge of Darkness" with Mel Gibson (and rumor has it, Brittney Spears) is getting ready to start rolling toward the end of August, they were looking for some specific types of extras including videographers via email so I submitted myself for that. But the most exciting opportunity is to be a "Slime Ghoul" - check out this description:

"Casting "slime ghouls": hapless people whose DNA has been taken over by the reproductive slime of renegade clone farmers from space. The slime takes over the brain and causes people to act by feral instinct like animals, driven by a confused reproductive urge to throw other people in the slime, make out with them, hump walls and trees, and the like. Actors may be asked to do partial nudity and make scary ghoul faces."

Does that sound AWESOME or what?!! That is pretty much the dream role for any bad actor like myself. I'll let you know how that audition goes and how many trees I had to hump.

The other big to do is that I'm taking part in the Boundless Living Challenge - a 45 day experiment in living the Law of Attraction. You can learn more on that here.

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