Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Slime Ghouls

Last night was my audition to be a Slime Ghoul in a low-budget feature called "Harm School". Harm School is brought to you by the fine folks behind "Pony Trouble." All I had to go on was this "The slime takes over the brain and causes people to act by feral instinct like animals, driven by a confused reproductive urge to throw other people in the slime, make out with them, hump walls and trees, and the like." But I was prepared to be a horny, feral animal and I think I nailed it.
The funny thing is that before I did what I was prepared for they asked me to read for a total of three different projects, two features and a short. So I survived my first 'cold read', I got lines for four different characters and just went for it. The two people I auditioned for were cracking up and said to expect a call back for all three projects. In the span of 15 minutes I was a slime ghoul, a couple cult members, the chief of police and a priest. Think I'm pulling for the chief and slime ghoul the most. I should know soon, a couple start shooting in August and the others in September.

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