Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back from LA

Got back home early this morning from LA. Man, it went just amazing - better than I dared dream. And the freakiest part is, so much of it went exactly the way I envisioned it during the 40 Days, 40 Nights program. During meditations in last two weeks of 40 Days, I just pictured success and a celebration in LA. The last night there, all the writers gathered in the Hollywood Hills at a fantastic Japanese restaurant and toasted and congratulated each other at a raucous dinner.

I ended up leaving LA with three requests for my scripts. I didn't think we'd have the chance to pitch things, but two producers we met asked us to pitch them our stuff. At first I was nervous but I quickly knew I'd hate myself if I went home without grabbing the opportunity. Each time I pitched - my script was requested. On one pitch, I got through just five words and the guy said - send it. So I'll follow up this week and we'll see what happens next. But no matter what, definitely made some real relationships with established producers, writers and agents plus some very cool fellow writers from the ProSeries Alumni.

All the people we got to meet have made "real" movies that you'd know if I listed them. More importantly, they all agreed to read our stuff and receive things from us in the future. I even got the chance to catch up with the infamous Art Mann from my Cool Stuff days. Finally, to make the LA experience complete, my shuttle van got in a minor crash at LAX.

Larry The Lizard enjoyed his time in LA too. Plus he finally posted his German adventures.

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