Friday, July 17, 2009

"War Without End" - a Quarterfinalist

Sweet! Woke up to an email this morning that my script, "War Without End", has been named a quarterfinalist in the Writer's On The Storm contest. "War Without End" is about American backpackers in the Philippines, who are captured by long lost WWII Japanese soldiers, and forced into slave labor at a gold mine deep in the jungle.
This is the script I was pushing in LA last month. I submitted it to Coverage Inc. for some professional feedback - well it rated well enough that it automatically became a quarterfinalist in their contest. Here is the blog post listing me - says I'm in the top 10% of all submissions they had. The whole contest is just a bonus, I was just looking for the coverage - but I'll gladly take a contest win too.
The coolest part was that so many people knew about this without me mentioning it. The ProSeries Alumni site posted a story, so other writers were congratulating me before I even knew why.

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