Monday, February 15, 2010

Next Stop: Ireland

I really didn't think there would be any international travel for us this year, but a trip to Ireland has fallen into our laps. Sweet! Another country gets scratched off the list, and we fly to Dublin the first week of March. We considered being there for St. Patrick's Day, but everything is twice as expensive that week, so we'll just be there for the build up.
Lori and I have both passed the half-way mark in the PhilosophersNotes 50 Day Challenge and I am blown away by it. I thought it would be cool and interesting but reading the big ideas from some great works every weekday has been phenomenal. I'm getting more out of this than any class I've ever taken. Can't recommend PhilosophersNotes enough. Check it out.
The 40 day Oneness Experiment wrapped up last week and it was quite profound. Each day had a different practice and meditation and I had some very cool moments of synchronicity, awareness and communion, especially during the last two weeks. It going on at the same time as the PhilosophersNotes made both events very special.
For something completely different; check out for some hilarious/delicious/disgusting food porn.
Still making my way through all the DVD screeners I got thanks to awards season, and we finally saw "Precious" this weekend. Wow! It is not getting the attention and awards it deserves. A very powerful film, though not great for Valentines Day. I'd love to see the day when half of the people who saw "Avatar" (which I liked too) saw "Precious."

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