Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Busy September

A quick update on what I've been up to. September is a very busy month. I've launched the blog for my coming book, Surviving Myself, you can visit it at http://www.survivingmyselfbook.com/ and sign up to be notified when the book is ready. I'll be doing more video blog entries so keep your eyes peeled. Actually I need to add a subscription option so people who aren't RSS friendly can subscribe to posts, that is a common request.

Last month I took a class I've long been interested in, Voice-Over. Voice Over work is being the vocal talent for radio and TV ads. I've been told for years I should look into it, so I finally did last weekend in a two-day intensive with lots of hands-on work in a recording studio in Boston. It was a lot of fun and the professionals running the show said I do indeed have the voice, but I need be able to control it better so I can replicate the proper tones on demand. They also said I need to slow down - I hear that one a lot too. I'm not ready to look for work yet, but I enjoyed it and will take future classes and see where it leads. The instructor, VO pro Dorothy Gallagher, said I should experiment with different character voices because my natural fast speaking style is well suited to animation.

This week my full year of coaching and energy reading training with David Morelli kicks off with a 40 day long program of morning and evening live, group meditations with over 200 other people. Wooo Hooo!! Bring it on!

There are even some exciting new things coming for Larry The Lizard too. This year is rockin'!

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