Wednesday, June 29, 2005

War of The Worlds

Just back from seeing War of The Worlds. The original movie from the 50's was one of my favorite sci-fi flicks growing up. Watched it every time it came on TV. I never read the book, cause, you know reading takes like time and shit.
Love seeing movies on opening night before you hear too much and there are no surprises. The theater was packed, but totally silent during the many quiet suspenseful portions - which is the best review for any movie. So many images are quintessential Spielberg, he brings alien movies to the post 9/11 world and some shots touched on E.T and Jurassic Park. The chaos and mayhem in the film felt so real. This is how people will react if/when aliens invade. Unfortunately the plot required some "only in the movies" luck to get our hero from place to place, but what the Hell its a movie. A fun, edge-of-your-seat big time Summer spectacle of a movie.

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