Saturday, November 25, 2006

Body Worlds

Body Worlds: Soccer PlayerWe had family in from Oregon and Maine for Thanksgiving, and on Friday everyone headed into the Boston Museum of Science and we got to check out the traveling exhibit - Body Worlds 2. It was totally sick and I'm so glad we got to see it. It is an exhibition of real human bodies, stripped of their skin and preserved via "Plastination". Some bodies are in athletic poses, showing off all the muscles and ligaments, while others are split apart into multiple pieces like bizarre human puzzles. One body was even separated into its musculature and its bones. The skeleton was standing right next to the muscles of the same original body - like the guy was taking himself for a walk. The museum was packed and we couldn't get tickets for Body Worlds until 5:30pm. After spending all day at the museum, and taking a quick nap in the planetarium, we still spent two hours checking out the bodies. They were much cooler and more interesting than I had hoped. You could walk all the way around each exhibit and look at it from every possible angle. They also had many individual organs and body slices on display as well. Overall, very cool and highly recommended - you can even donate your own body to be part of an exhibit in the future.

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