Sunday, November 19, 2006

Shortest Vacation Ever

I flew down to Tampa Florida yesterday and I'm already back home tonight, for my shortest vacation ever. It wasn't a vacation at all of course, I just flew down to help my dad and stepmother transport their two cats and dog to Florida for the winter. We were taken by surprise when we had to open the animal's crates at the airport so security could check them out. I was worried I'd be chasing cats all over Logan airport at that point, but the cats were traumatized enough to just cower instead of trying to flee. Once in Tampa, the journey became a bad episode of The Amazing Race as we got lost four different times trying to get from the airport to their house in Clearwater. Despite living there last winter, their memory of the roads isn't as strong as they believe it to be. My folks have become the elderly people they used to make fun of, but they haven't realized it yet. We also got lost when they tried to bring me to the airport this morning for the flight back to Boston - thankfully the whole trip is already fading away from memory. That is the one benefit of the shortest vacation ever - it wasn't even long enough to leave permanent scars.

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