Monday, January 01, 2007

2006: Looking Back

Santa LarryWell another year is in the books and it was pretty damn good one. The year began with my beloved New England Patriots in the playoffs once again, but for the first time in Tom Brady's career the playoffs ended with a loss. I also jumped into some online businesses - auto surfs and high yield investment programs - that were doing great for a couple months until the SEC decided they were ponzi scams and it all fell apart.
My writing career continued as I attended Beyond Structure in April and took an online Fiction Writing Class in July. This year I finished two more screenplays (and started many others) and got my first option for "Bottom of The Ninth". "Illegal Aliens" generated buzz all year and had a successful preview in NYC in March but the shocking death of Daniel Smith brought the sales process to a crawl. Interest among potential distributors only increased amongst all the drama so it certainly will see the light of day.
We made it two of the great sights of the world; the Amazon River and Machu Picchu in May. Lori launched a new company (Always Your Weigh), finished her first road race ever; the Falmouth Road Race in August and got approved to run the 2007 Boston Marathon.
September brought the loss of Daniel Smith, whom I met on the set of "Illegal Aliens" and Sue Gardner who acted in my short "We've Got Johnny."
By the end of the year I was finally playing with old "Cool Stuff" mayhem and getting it up on to youtube.
My favorite movie that every critic seemed to rip apart was "Lady in the Water." My other favorites that other people loved too were "Borat" and "The Departed." While easily the best Mayan subtitled action flick ever was "Apocalypto."

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