Saturday, January 06, 2007

Go See "Children of Men"

While waiting for the NFL Playoffs to start we went to the movies today and saw what I'd be shocked doesn't end up being my favorite movie of 2007. "Children of Men" is set about 20 years from now (though it feels like it could be just a week or two away) in Britain at a time of world war and female infertility. The youngest person in the world is 18 and he just died. Clive Owen stars as Theo who ends up having to transport a woman who seems to be pregnant. Great suspense, action and thrills abound, plus some fantastic performances by Michael Caine and Julianne Moore. I am now firmly on writer/director Alfonso Cuaron's bandwagon. The directing and cinematography made this feel like the news at times - so many powerful scenes could have been live reports from Iraq or the Gaza Strip. Throw in touches of the Holocaust, Jesus Christ, Abu Ghraib prison, WWII.... this was just an awesome movie that really sticks with you long after the final frame.

Speaking of playoffs, tomorrow we will be off to the Patriots - Jets wildcard came at Gillette Stadium. Every other year we considered ourselves fortunate if it was above freezing for a game in January. Today it was 72 degrees here. WTF! Damn that Al Gore and his inconvenient truth.

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