Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith: Dead

In a shocking and sudden flurry of news today, Anna Nicole Smith was found unconscious in her hotel room in Florida and rushed to the hospital where she was declared dead on arrival this afternoon. Nobody is even guessing as to cause of death yet and I have no idea what this means for her many court cases, the movie - "Illegal Aliens", or most tragically for her 5 month old daughter.

MSNBC: Anna Nicole Smith Dies After Collapse
Yahoo: Anna Nicole Smith Dead


Anonymous said...

I heard on "Show Biz Tonight" the movie was coming out in May. Is this true?

AF Grant said...

Yes, the release has been set.

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear of all of Anna's saga's, even in her death!

I had no idea that "Illegal Aliens" movie was made just up the road from me here in West Woodstock! What a stir you all must have made with the locals up there in Rutland. Makes me laugh and smile just thinking about it ;)