Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One More Week Until "Illegal Aliens"

Larry The Lizard and Boob Cakes The official countdown is underway and "Illegal Aliens" will be released on DVD in less than one week - May 1, 2007. This past weekend I held an advance screening for about 20 VIPs. There was plenty of Boob Cake and Shots O' Larry to go around, guaranteeing a hilarious screening. This movie is best enjoyed by drunks.

Here is a fantastic story by the Associated Press on the movie - this was picked up by hundreds of websites and newspapers:
Anna Nicole Smith mocks herself in final role
and another not-so-nice story from NY Post which is more what I expected to find
Anna's Last Movie


Dennis said...

it's crazy how so many people have missed the shear brilliance of this film......

hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

I just dont understand how someone can give the movie a bad review before they've seen it. The movie is supposed to be "bad" and mock "bad" B-movies but the fact places the NY Times gives it a bad review before it's been seen confuses me.