Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mucho Metallica

Metallica's new album is expected this September and they've recently launched a new site, Mission: Metallica, to give an inside peek. There are already a few videos available and they all give teases of some new tracks. And I must say the new music sounds killer. Though in all honesty if Metallica released a collection of burps and farts I'd proclaim it to be the best, heaviest, most ass-kicking burps and farts I'd ever heard!
In other news in Metalliland - you've got to check out this a capella version of Metallica's "Battery". It is simply amazing and brings air guitar to a whole new level. Plenty of bands have people cover their stuff, but the wide range of experimental treatments done to Metallica songs amazes me. From the powerful four cellos of Apocalyptica, to bluegrass, to the hilarious mashup of the Beatles and Metallica by Beatallica - somehow it all works. Here is a clip of "A Garage Dayz Night" and a video of Apocalyptica doing "Creeping Death" just to give you a taste.

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