Saturday, March 07, 2009

Wow, what a day with James Ray

17 hours later, day one with James Ray comes to a close. A brief close as Saturday starts with a 6:30am meeting, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Today began with a 7:30am meeting for Board Holders which I volunteered for. This was a bit of training for 20 guys in how to properly hold a pine board for people to break later that night. Then we were put back out into the hallway with the group of 500 and we all entered the ballroom again to high-fives, cranking music and lots of energy and James Ray kept that energy up all day - until we broke at 12:30am. I'd swear I've been for at least 3 days already. Just a power packed day of highly interactive lectures, workshops, group exercises, writing, meditation, visualizations, laughs and tears. It was all about the Law of Attraction, limiting beliefs, getting your thoughts, feelings and actions in alignment.... and much more.

The day climaxed with everyone writing their main limiting belief on a pine board and on the other side a new positive belief. Then we smashed right through them with one mighty blow. It was such a thrill to be able to hold for people. People were flying right through the boards. I lost count at 25 for people I held for and everyone made it. A few people had to be coached through multiple attempts, I think 4 was the most. But lots of woman, including Lori, pulverized the board on their first try. I hugged and high-fived each of my breakers while the whole room cheered each other on. It was very cool. Then I finally got my shot as all the holders held for each other and I destroyed my "I Suck" board into 3 pieces - it was shockingly easy.

I've met lots of Holosyncers and even a few people from neighboring towns back home. Last year I made a pledge to myself that money wasn't ever going to be the reason I didn't do something (which is partially why we are headed to Germany and Africa this year) - that got put to the test today as there was a great offer for two more James Ray events later this year. I said screw it, let's stimulate that economy and now we are going to James Ray 3 day events in San Diego this July and Las Vegas in November. The energy and consciousness raising at these events is just too damn cool to pass up.
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