Tuesday, May 05, 2009

AF Grant in Germany

Happy Mosel DayQuick update from Katzweiler Germany. On our first day we visited Ramstein Air Force Base and a totally sick Castle in Landstuhl. We saw ruins from the road and Matt and Vee had never been to it so we trail blazed the narrow streets and unknown traffic signs till we came upon Castle Sickengen. Found a little info on line about it. It was very cool because they had no problem letting you climb all over the ruins.
Sunday was Happy Mosel Day and we joined thousands of people as traffic was closed down on both sides of the Mosel river and we biked, drank and ate schnitzel. It was a gorgeous day to drive through villages I'll never be able to pronounce. Scenic views of centuries old buildings surrounded by vineyards. We started and ended in Bernkastel-Kues and I think we might have biked 10 miles. Also discovered I like German wine. WooHoo!
Here is a story about Happy Mosel Day if you can't get enough.
Monday Vee, Lori and I visited Heidelberg while Matt went to work to protect the free world. We stormed Heidelberg Castle and wandered around downtown. Mullets and 80's punk are still very much the style in Germany - so I felt right at home.
Today we head south to Munich for two days - I just discovered Metallica is there tomorrow night too! Then Oberammergau in Bavaria for two days and a quick jump over to Austria just because we can.
We've all been doing the evening meditation call together for the 40 Days, 40 Nights program, that's been cool to do as a group. Due to the big time difference and flight time we are a day behind, but sticking with it.

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