Friday, May 01, 2009

Off to Germany

Metallica in GermanyAbout to leave for Logan Airport to catch a flight to Frankfurt, Germany and hang with Matt and Vee for 9 days. They are living in Germany for just a few months and free couch is all the excuse we need travel. We'll be arriving in time for "Happy Mosel Day" some sort of biking and drinking festivus that closes roads to cars and just has lots of drunk, fake athletes - my middle name!
You can see an out-of-date itinerary, it has most of the things we plan to do just not in the proper order. Of course next Saturday is the BIG event; METALLICA live in Stuttgart. I'm very psyched for my first international rock show, I saw Metallica in NJ just a couple months ago, but it seems like a life time ago.
Lori and I are both doing the 40 Days, 40 Nights wealth immersion program with Kristin and David Morelli of Today is day 4. We are part of global group of 400 people doing two live daily meditation calls and two 90 minute coaching calls a week. Will be wild trying to stay on schedule with it while we travel, but it's all good.
We got our shots for the Africa trip on Monday, so I've been confused all week as to where we are actually going today. But it is Germany now; Africa in September. Needed to get shots early to apply for visas. Here is the Africa itinerary.
More later from Germany...

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