Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Cleanse - Midway Point

Lori left the James Ray event last month with the desire to do a cleanse/detox before we headed to Africa. This is a program she learned of while taking a nutrition class about four years ago. Back then, I lasted three days on an all organic juice diet, and she made it five days. This time we are doing the full twelve day program.
It started on Monday, with eating only organic fruits, vegetables, rice and lentils. The first time we did this, we went straight to juice. Easing into it is much easier, neither of us have really been hungry. And I tell you, after a day of just fruit and veggies - a bowl of lentils tastes like the best thing in the world, and is shockingly filling.
We also drink a Master Cleanse each day. A nasty sounding concoction that is actually tasty. Water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Mmmm.. . that's good eatin'.
After three days of fruits and veggies we enter the challenging portion of the regime; six days of organic juices - NOTHING else.
Today is my third day of juice and sixth day of the overall cleanse (half-way, SWEET!). I'm down 8 pounds and find myself enjoying such formerly torturous drinks as tomato juice and carrot juice. My stomach rumbles a lot, but actual hunger pains have only risen once. I expected to wake up each morning ravenous, but it just doesn't happen.
The biggest lessons so far are how much eating is automatic, and just because it is "time" to eat. This has been the easiest diet I've ever been on. Probably because I didn't approach it as a diet, but rather a healthy cleaning out of my system. My nose has been running since yesterday. I'm not sure if that is another toxin release or I've got a cold. The grossest thing I recalled from four years ago was my tongue. Most toxins get released there and it felt and looked disgusting. This time around we're prepared with tongue scrapers and I scrape my tongue about 4 or 5 times a day.
I've also been all over the place emotionally, which has been true since the Creating Absolute Wealth event, but can also be a side effect of a cleanse. I feel like living proof of male PMS. All sorts of shit can rise up from the body. Speaking of that - I find it amazing that after days of zero food, it is still true; "Everyone Poops."
There is still one effect of the detox I'm waiting to experience - mental clarity. Last two days I've felt rather dulled in the head, like I'm on antihistamines.
We survived our gym workout Thursday night and I'm totally confident I'll see this through to the end. The next interesting thing will be to see what happens when I can eat again. Will I not even care about food, or will I pig out? I'll let you know.

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Jamie M Eastman said...

Congrats! Yes, it is quite common to get "sick" (ie. runny nose, coughing, lose bowels, flu-like symptoms) while detoxing. It's your body's way of purging junk -much like when you have a virus or bacteria...

So it's a good sign :)

You probably already know this, but when you DO restart a more regular diet, go S-L-O-W with the fats and meats especially. Your body is becoming more fine tuned and you will be much more aware of what is not-so-good for your body. You could feel nauseous, severe gas, loose bowels, and vomiting. You will really learn what your body doesn't like! Take it from someone who threw up from Mac and cheese after 3 weeks of rice, lentils, raisins, wheat flour and powdered milk.....

And I thought it was such a treat! (It was a loooong time ago :)

With Love