Saturday, January 01, 2011

Thank You, 2010

2009 was certainly my year of outward exploration with multiple international trips. 2010 was the year of inward journeys that were equally, if not more, amazing. I love looking back on each year as it helps remind me of all the fantastic experiences I had and reignites my gratitude for them. The year was full of personal growth and kicked off with The PhilosophersNotes 50 Day Challenge and 40 Days Oneness Experiment. I continued meditating with Holosync on a daily basis (sometimes pushing myself to do it for up to 4 hours a day - I don't recommend that), saw some great movies, concerts (highlights included Lady Gaga, Roger Waters, Apocalyptica, and KISS), and my first Broadway show, Rock of Ages.

I attended two seminars with medium John Holland, one of which also included Dr. Brian Weiss talking about reincarnation. I got to see Bill Harris and Genpo Roshi live again, and was able to take part in Holotropic Breathwork twice, even getting to meet the creator of it all - Stanislov Groff. One of the standout moments was the Movers and Shakers weekend in April where not only did I truly get inspired to get serious on my memoir, made many great fiends, but also met the legendary Louise Hay.

In August, I announced to the world my intentions of writing my book, Surviving Myself, about my expereinces with depression and suicide. I launched a new blog and shared personal thoughts and experiences which many people have resonated with. I completed my book proposal and got it into the hands of a few agents by the end of 2010. I worked as an extra on another movie and took a Voice Over class. Plus, between all this we did take two trips to Ireland this year! Wow, I forgot all about those. I'm such a spoiled world traveler that two long weekends in Ireland don't stand out in my memory. LOL.

What may prove to be the biggest decision of the year was signing up for a year long coaches training program with David Morelli in which I'm being trained to see and read energy. It has been nothing short of astounding so far. I'm often blown away by how spiritual I've become, especially after so many years of considering myself to be agnostic and even an atheist at times.

One thing has been even cooler than these experiences and learning about myself over the past year. That has been the truly amazing, new, life-long friends I've met at each and every event. This year has proven beyond all doubt; The more I share and serve, the better my life is.

I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us all.

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