Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005: The Year That Was

Well Happy 2006 to all you web geeks. I'm not big on making resolutions but I do enjoy looking back to see what I've done that I had no expectation of doing.
In 2005 Lori and I made it to Belize and Guatemala and later in the year went sick at Cedar Point Amusement Park. I took the Action/Cut Directing seminar, worked on two shorts, and two features (even did some bad acting); Zombie Town and Illegal Aliens. Zombie Town will be released soon - you can check out the trailer here. The movie I was part of last year, Chaos Unlimited, was completed and released. Well released to a handful of people anyway.
I finished my first script early in the year and my second one in November, which is currently being shopped around. Larry the Lizard did his big model shoot.
We saw the World Champion Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park and enjoyed the continuation of the New England Patriots football dynasty - plus the amazing story of Tedy Bruschi who suffered a stroke in February and was playing football again in October. We applied to be on The Amazing Race, but heard nothing. I took part in National Novel Writing Month, but came up short. Saw some great movies (Sin City, King Kong, 40 Year Old Virgin), great concerts (System of a Down) and I even ended up stirring up some shit with my reports from the set of Illegal Aliens. Quite a year.
What will happen in 2006? Who knows, but it will start with another Patriots playoff run and it better include a cool trip to some crazy location. Plus I've already got three more scripts in development and Illegal Aliens should get finished.

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