Monday, January 23, 2006

Online Biz Ops

With the demise of the New England Patriots I've been looking for something to fill my empty life and I've found it. The magical money making programs of the Internet known as Autosurfs and HYIPS. Autosurf programs pay you to browse websites. You can start out by putting in as little as $5, but the more you put in, the more you earn for each day of surfing. There are tons of these programs and many are scams, but I've found a few that I've been using for the past couple weeks that are paying and have good stable reputations. HYIPS are high-yield investment programs. The idea is that you invest through a website and large pools of money are put into risky stock and currency trading. Is that really what they do? I don't know and don't care as long as they pay out. Consider it more like gambling than investing and don't risk more than your comfortable losing and you'll be fine. It's actually quite addictive watching my account balances grow each day. Some of the Autosurfs I'm using just need a PayPal account, while others need StormPay, e-Gold, or other payment processors - all of which can be opened pretty easy. I read of an FBI investigation into e-Gold. It may be a little too easy to open an account with them and it seems to be a favorite tool of terrorists and drug dealers, so I've avoided using it and some programs like 12dailypro have dropped support for it.
I learned most of what I've found out at You can sign up for free and learn about these and some other ways to make some money online. I'll keep my pages updated with how I'm doing.

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