Sunday, January 15, 2006

End of The Road For Patriots

Well the Patriots quest for a third consecutive Super Bowl is over. The Denver Broncos beat them last night, 27 - 13. Actually the Patriots beat themselves ( plus a little help from a horrible call from the refs) with five turnovers, and bad plays by their most consistent guys like Troy Brown, Tom Brady and Adam Vinatieri. But the game was a fun, emotional roller coaster - as was the season. I was one of many who gave them up at mid season when they were 4 - 4. They overcame a tremendous amount of injuries last year and then had even more this year, not to mention the loss of their long time offensive and defensive coordinators. It was just too much to overcome. Not too much to make a successful season, just too much to make it to the Super Bowl. Which really just points out to all of us New England fans who've gotten so spoiled, what this team has done in the last 5 years is amazing. And they've taken a year off in between Super Bowl wins before anyway. They'll be back.