Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Say It Ain't So Adam

What is going on with my beloved New England Patriots? Adam Vinatieri gone!?! To the Indianapolis Colts? I'm gonna puke! And now the Patriots are talking to Mike Vanderjagt. The only thing more disgusting than seeing the best clutch kicker in NFL history walk away is replacing him with Vanderjerk, the kicker hated even by his own team. I hate the modern NFL. Fans are just expected to root for whoever is in the uniform.

I was prepared for David Givens to leave. He's been solid, but I knew someone would pay more than the Pats would. Everyone knew Willie McGinest was gonna get cut over salary cap issues - but he was supposed to resign with us for less. That's how the Pats have been working for years. And his loss is personal. His family sits in our section. Who am I gonna hang out with now after games if Big Willie's folks now spend their weekends in Cleveland.

But now, no more Adam? The highest scoring Patriot ever. The kicker of the Best Kick in NFL history at the Snow Bowl against the Raiders! He could easily win a run for governor of any New England state. Hell he could win them all simultaneously. How can he walk away from all of those who worship at the altar of his foot.
Plus we haven't signed a single of our own free agents. Tim Dwight, gone. Christian Fauria, gone. What's next - Troy Brown joining the Jets? Crap, think I'll just take up bowling.

The only guy left from the core group who had been with the team since the 1996 Super Bowl is now Tedy Bruschi. And we've only got one receiver worth a damn - Deion Branch (for one more season at least).

OK, deep breaths. Remember THREE Super Bowls.... most teams self destruct after one... in Belichick we trust. In Belichick we trust. In Belichick we trust.

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