Sunday, January 28, 2007

Football Free Weekend

Pale ManStayed busy this weekend to put off the annual post football season depression until after the Super Bowl. We saw "Pan's Labyrinth" Friday night. This is a stunning film that is on every critic's top ten list for 2006. It is a subtitled Spanish film by acclaimed Mexican director Guillermo del Toro and it has some of the most amazing visuals I've seen since Lord of The Rings, including one of the creepiest, nightmare-inducing characters ever on film - Pale Man. It is an adult childhood fairytale pitting innocence against pure evil and it seamlessly flows between reality and fantasy. It's a great flick - but for me, I still put "Children of Men" above it.

Saturday we went to a Dana Farber Marathon event where Lori got to meet the patient she is running for. Eight year old Olivia lives in nearby Bolton and this is her third year involved with the Boston Marathon. I was a little concerned with what the mood might be at an event full of children fighting cancer, but the whole afternoon was a lot of fun. There wasn't a sad face to be seen anywhere, and all the little bald heads just made me feel more welcome. Plus the "kids menu" of chicken nuggets, fries, pizza and ice cream was right up my alley. Then it was off to the Boston Home Show to see what the latest things to throw some money at were and then we hit a recently opened Indian restaurant near us, Monsoon, and it was awesome. I haven't had Indian food since our trip to Nepal in 2000. I still have no idea what anything is or what its called, but I love it.

Sunday we started prepping to paint our downstairs rooms and finally pulled down curtains that Lori's been swearing about since we moved in three years ago. Plus - we finally got to see an advance copy of "Illegal Aliens" this week - and its really GOOD!

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