Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another Super Bowl for The Patriots

We've just gotten home after watching the New England Patriots win another AFC Championship, beating San Diego 21 - 12 and earning their way to their fourth Super Bowl of this decade. Even with Tom Brady playing his worst game of the year (he was intercepted 3 times!) this team still comes out on top. The defense carried the day, limiting the San Diego Chargers to just 4 field goals. The offense kicked into gear when it mattered most in the 4th quarter to put the game away. Running back Laurence Maroney had another monster game and should finally quiet the analysts who say the Patriot's have no running game. And Kevin Faulk was "Mr. Clutch" yet again - he's been such a valuable piece of this team for years, yet nobody outside of New England seems to know who he is. It was a blast to be there for the end of the game, the fireworks, the AFC trophy presentation, the confetti blasting all over the field (something I only recall seeing at the Super Bowl itself until today). It was another great day for the Gillette Stadium crowd too. People were standing and going nuts for the whole game. We've been blessed with going to enough freezing cold playoff games that we now have all the needed gear so it didn't even feel cold today.
Be it the Green Bay Packers or NY Giants - the Patriots will be the big favorites in Super Bowl XLII and soon enough the talk will be how much further into next season can the undefeated streak run. Continued great times to be a sports fan in New England!

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