Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hype Week

Man, I am just eating up all the hype this week. Two of my favorite television events are getting awfully close - The Super Bowl and the return of Lost. We've had NFL Network on pretty much non stop since the Patriots clinched another SB appearance and I am sooo psyched for Sunday to get here. The only thing making me relish the days before Sunday is the return of my favorite TV show - Lost. Tonight the two hour finale from last season (I'm still in awe of that ending, Jack screaming he has to go back to the island - AWESOME) is being re-shown on ABC and tomorrow night Season 4 finally kicks off. I know the writer's strike is making this a short season of only 8 episodes, but I'm salivating for those 8 shows. A little Lost is better than no Lost.
Time will tell which show is more exciting. The season premiere of Lost with its flashbacks and flash-forwards. Or Super Bowl 42 with the Patriots being the first team EVER to go 19 and 0 in a season and continue the New England dynasty.


Steve said...

Hello! Does anyone or anyone you know have a clip I am looking for from the 2002 season? It was the opening MNF Montage from the Steelers game on 9/9/2002? I am looking for the Dennis Hopper film pitch? PLEASE HELP!!!!

Anonymous said...

The download doesn't seem to be working for the Meat Depressed Pats song (or is it just me?). Are you able to fix that...or is there somewhere else I can download it? Being a solo Pats fan out here in CO, I definitely need to blast that before the game. My friends will hate me....and I'll be lovin it!

AF Grant said...

Damn, the link is even dead on the band's web site.
Hope the song isn't lost forever.

AF Grant said...

Found video on youtube.